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– It is important to know that streaming such games in some countries may result in a violation warning, for which we are not responsible. The cause is unknown and we are trying to contact TIKTOK to resolve the issue. Basically, Douyin wants anchors to interact more with their viewers.

– Barrage Game offers customization possibilities for some games to allow streamers to be creative, but barragegame.cn is not responsible for the theme you choose. Please avoid topics that lead to hate speech, division, political talk, war, etc… If you don’t respect this, your license may be revoked.

– A lifetime license means you can use the service as long as the service is running. Services may be discontinued in the event of war, natural disaster, or forced shutdown by a third party.

barragegame.cn is not affiliated with TikTok. The TikTok logo and name are the copyright of ByteDance Corporation.

barragegame.cn does not guarantee that the service will continue to run forever, this is because we rely on libraries that are not officially supported by TikTok. But we are committed to maintaining this platform so that the service always runs without problems.

barragegame.cn is not responsible for the suspension or ban of your Douyin account due to the services we provide.

barragegame.cn is not responsible for inaccurate content caused by technical errors or other errors.

barragegame.cn will respond to allegations of intellectual property infringement after the copyright owner contacts us. Next we will disable or remove the reported content.

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